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I’m pleased to announce that the book video site has now over 3,000 hits!

Dozens of trailers have been added in the last two months alone, so there is plenty to see and rate!

You can find any of your favorite genres above!



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Wow! Over the course of the last month, authors have added dozens of new book videos and links to the site. They’ve left posts on almost every category  (mystery, fantasy, science fiction, children’s…to name just a few) and have even added several contributions to the author interview section.

Come check them out! It’ll be well worth your time. 

-Vince  (November, 2009)

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Good afternoon!

Meg Clayton has posted a video for her national bestselling book, The Wednesday Sisters  (Random House). Her trailer is located in the “adult fiction videos” section above, and you can learn more about Meg and her book by visiting this site: http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl/9780345502827.html.

Thanks and enjoy!


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(In case you haven’t read the section about rating book videos, here it is again.)

A book video/trailer is one of the most powerful tools an author can use to reach new readers.  This site is dedicated to showcasing these videos, as well as providing a forum where authors/viewers can rate or vote on the quality of the trailers.  

To rate a video, simply click on the video link (if it’s on Youtube, you might have to click twice to make sure you’re taken to the Youtube site), watch the film, and give it the stars you think it deserves–from 1 to 5. (Try to leave a comment on the blog and video host site, too.)

To post a video, please visit the appropriate genre listed above (eg. sci-fi, romance, mystery) and leave your link in the comment section for others to see. Authors who submit their videos must view and rate other videos on the site.  

Thanks and enjoy the trailers!

-Vince Lowry (Author of Constellation Chronicles)

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