Trish Silver is my first featured author for 2010. She’s the author of When I Remember Love, a story that takes readers along on the journey of a newborn star who discovers his soul mate while on the verge of superstardom. Her book has received 20 solid reviews on Amazon, and has even served as a source of inspiration for a talented composer, who created several songs for the story.

Please read more about Trish’s novel, and the reviews for it, on her website: http://trishsilver.com./


More Trailers/Videos!

Several authors in November uploaded their book videos/trailers for viewers to see. Please check them out and leave some comments. 

(The new books tab probably has the most posts.)


Wow! Over the course of the last month, authors have added dozens of new book videos and links to the site. They’ve left posts on almost every category  (mystery, fantasy, science fiction, children’s…to name just a few) and have even added several contributions to the author interview section.

Come check them out! It’ll be well worth your time. 

-Vince  (November, 2009)

Author List

Because of our growing number of video contributions, and the desire to make sure everyone gets a decent amount of comments/ratings on their trailers, I’ve decided to create a summary list of authors and their books. I’ll try to update this list as often as I can and include as many links as possible.


Good afternoon!

Meg Clayton has posted a video for her national bestselling book, The Wednesday Sisters  (Random House). Her trailer is located in the “adult fiction videos” section above, and you can learn more about Meg and her book by visiting this site: http://www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl/9780345502827.html.

Thanks and enjoy!


Video of the Week!


I hope everyone had a wonderful week watching videos, making them, or jumping back into writing.

I’ve decided to post a video of the week award for the trailer that most moved me. Most of the videos that I posted on this site were splendid, but this one stood out for its quality, story, and character. The winner is Blessings in Disguise by Gary Ryan. I implore you to watch the entire film (maybe twice) and admire the art Gary has put into it.

Well done, Gary!


Here it is!

Hello Writers and Viewers! 

Today we’ve added lots of great videos and comments to the site! Please check out the genres (or the recent videos bar) and leave your comments!

Also, for those authors looking for some advice on videos, see the author interview section. We have two new posts for everyone to read!  Here’s a great advice from an author named Chaeya:

For those of you who are looking to do trailers:


PowerPoint (Most people use this)
Roxio Movie Creator
Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 (or later versions, they’re on 15 now)

Then there are the expensive, video-creation and editing programs if you want to make an A-one video, or you know someone in the business. But the cheapy programs above can do some pretty snazzy work.

Royalty-Free Pictures:


Royalty-Free Music: